*****  What if your father is the bogeyman?
By Esra on February 14, 2017
Altered Grace goes beyond any autobiography you may have ever read. The story is unbelievable, yet true, so disturbing yet captivating. Reading the pages through and understanding the pain inflicted on the children by the psychopath parents but never giving up on love hope and God will help you look at the world from completely different perspective. It will make you question the bubbles every one of us live in and how ignorant we’ve become towards others. I look forward to reading her next book in the series.
*****By Mark W. on February 20, 2017
Bravo to A. Tacked for her insightful and considerate writing style. While this book centers around subject matter that has the potential to be a literary minefield, A. Tacked takes you by the hand and steers you through her childhood with some of the most vile and disgusting people one would ever have the displeasure to meet. She is a trustworthy guide though and relates the fear and the emotion of the situations that her and her siblings had to navigate, while not dragging you through the details of all the events. Heartbreaking at times? Yes. But, the heartbreak is always tempered with the hope and grace as seen through the eyes of a young child whom, it would seem, really had no reason to hang onto such things. Altered Grace is not just an enjoyable read it also offers the reader an opportunity to consider their own perspectives on walking with fear and chasing hope . The story maintains a great balance between pain and hope. Looking forward to the next adventure that A. Tacked has to offer.
*****Hope in the midst of evil
By Stella B. on January 23, 2017
This book literally broke my heart. To know that there is such evil in the world made me feel sick at times. With that said, it was also an amazing story of strength, hope, and faith. For Helen to even have the ability to survive her childhood under the roof of such evil parents is nothing short of a miracle. I have hugged my loved ones tighter and seen my trials in a different light. If Helen can survive the horrors of her life, then there is hope for us all